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What You Want To Know - The JG King Building Group

Our Homes

It is not only our clients who love what we do. JG King’s ability to deliver best practice outcomes over the past 27 years has earned regular industry recognition as well. JG King, throughout its history has received numerous awards from the HIA and MBAV for product excellence in design.

We are long-term members of both the HIA and MBA, supporting the initiatives of both bodies to drive continual improvement in the housing industry.

We have also done work with technical bodies and tertiary institutions in the areas of bushfire safety and environmental efficiencies.

Quality, Safety and Sustainability

JG King Projects’  reputation is based not only on what we design and build, but the way we go about it. JG King Project’s core systems are driven by quality, safety and environmental awareness.

Both JG King Homes and JG King Projects are ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accredited. We believe we are the only major residential builder in Victoria to hold this certification.

ISO 9001 quality management systems practices apply to all stages from the initial decision to contract to the final handover of the project built. We make every effort to work with ‘best of breed suppliers’ and contractors, and are directly responsible for all supervision on work undertaken on our projects.


JG King is a passionate believer of safety first in the workplace. To this end, given that construction is high risk activity, JG King Projects is AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety System accredited. We believe we are the only major residential builder in Victoria to hold this certification.


At JG King we are acutely conscious of our role as a responsible corporate citizen, and committed to creating a more sustainable environment.

Building in excess of 1000 new homes in Victoria each year, our ability to reduce household energy emissions through our building and materials management practices is significant.

It is our policy to  complete an environmental assessment at the capability assessment stage of all major projects. This looks at factors necessary to ensure control over such things as storm water and sediment, erosion, dust and mud.

We are also conscious of the fact that sites that we may work on may carry contaminants from past activities, which need special handling considerations.

In considering the environmental impact of our projects, we seek to use products that:

  • Minimize greenhouse emissions;
  • Maximize sustainability;
  • Utilize recycled content in production;
  • Are recyclable at life end;
  • Minimize the use of water; and
  • Minimize toxicity.

These products are also sourced from producers and/or suppliers with a proven record of environmental management and product stewardship.

In considering social impact, we seek out suppliers who:

  • Provide assurance that no form of abuse or exploitation is permitted within their supply chain;
  • Offer Fair Trade Products, where appropriate; and
  • Are aware of and consciously seek to operate within statutory and environmental laws.


Our use of BlueScope Truecore®, Australian made, steel framing provides many advantages in construction. These include:

  • 100% recyclability;
  • Superior Strength and cost effectiveness - we are able to build faster thanks to pre-fabrication and modern fixing techniques, and produce minimal onsite wastage;
  • That Steel Frames do not contribute to a fire;
  • That they are termite and borer resistant, both of which are prevalent in Victoria;
  • That pre-punched holes are provided for services, which means no drilling;
  • Design flexibility, which is excellent; and
  • It all comes with a 50-year structural guarantee.